Tennis Round Robin Match-Maker Bracket

Use this match-maker spreadsheet to score and organize a tennis round robin event for up to 8 players competing in round-robin singles event, 14 players competing in a round-robin doubles event or 16 players competing as teams of 2 in a round-robin doubles tournament. Continue reading Tennis Round Robin Match-Maker Bracket

Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Click here to download the 3 to 13 team Double Elimination Tournament Brackets   Use this spreadsheet to organize double elimination tournaments of various games including table tennis, volleyball, softball, football, soccer, chess, tennis, etc. It has a seeding sheet Continue reading Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Sports Player Ranking System Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to rank sports players or teams in a recurring sporting event of football, baseball, golf, soccer, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cricket, chess, pool, cards, Texas Hold’em, Poker, flag football, basketball, bowling, or any game or sport. Continue reading Sports Player Ranking System Calculator

About Office Pool Spreadsheets

Office pool bracket calculators Continue reading About Office Pool Spreadsheets