Sports Player Ranking System Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to rank sports players or teams in a recurring sporting event of football, baseball, golf, soccer, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cricket, chess, pool, cards, Texas Hold’em, Poker, flag football, basketball, bowling, or any game or sport. It supports up to 101 participants

I also recently used it to rank my family”s choices for paint colors.

Sports Player Ranking System for 101 players of tennis, ping pong, table tennis, football, poker, chess, Texas Hold'em, basketball, volleyball, cricket
Sports Player Ranking Table

This Ranking Table (above) auto populates from the data entry sheet below. Rankings are easily sortable. The ranking is based on the performance of the participants or teams in a recurring competition. Points for each match are awarded based on the number of participants for the particular game divided by the players finish, hence if there are 12 participants and a player finishes 1rst then he gets 12 points, if second with 12 participants then 6 points and on down to twelfth place getting 1 point (12 participants divided by 12th place). This point system is repeated for each match. The Ranking Calculator performs these calculations automatically after entering the number of participants in the match and the match results in the data entry sheet. If you base your ranking on performance over 6 matches then you enter the seventh match results over the first match results. I like this system because it encourages participation (if you don’t show up for a match you don’t get points) and it’s an exponential reward for finishing higher i.e. there is great separation between finishing first as opposed to second but not so much difference between twelfth from eleventh if it’s a 12 team/man competition for that match. Also the more participants in a match the more points you get for finishing first i.e. If there are 20 participants in a match and you finish first you get 20 points, if there a five participants in a match and you finish first you get 5 points.

Sports Player Ranking system for teams or players of football, tennis, ping pong, table tennis, volleyball, cricket, poker, chess, Texas hold'em, basketball, hockey, flag football
Sports Player Ranking System Data Entry Sheet

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