Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Click here to download the 3 to 13 team Double Elimination Tournament Brackets
Use this spreadsheet to organize double elimination tournaments of various games including table tennis, volleyball, softball, football, soccer, chess, tennis, etc. It has a seeding sheet that auto-fills the brackets. The games are played in order to give the least downtime to participants.

Use this double elimination bracket for 3 to 13 team tournaments. It has a seeding sheet that auto-fills the brackets.
Double Elimination Tournament Brackets


2 Replies to “Double Elimination Tournament Brackets”

  1. Hello , We are a small Lawn Bowls club based in Broadstairs, England, and we are looking for a very low cost ‘brackets’ style competition sheet which is capable of getting hoisted onto our very basic website

    In essence what we need is not overly complicated insofar as we have various comps within the Tournament, i.e. singles doubles, Triples and Quads and all on a straight knockout basis, so wonder if you have something that could, for example randomise a group of 13 entrants (singles doubles, Triples and Quads- it wont matter) into the necessary grid applying first round BYE’s as required = is this something that you have in your armoury??
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind Regards , Mick Norris

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