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Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Click here to download the 3 to 13 team Double Elimination Tournament Brackets
Use this spreadsheet to organize double elimination tournaments of various games including table tennis, volleyball, softball, football, soccer, chess, tennis, etc. It has a seeding sheet that auto-fills the brackets. The games are played in order to give the least downtime to participants.

Use this double elimination bracket for 3 to 13 team tournaments. It has a seeding sheet that auto-fills the brackets.

Double Elimination Tournament Brackets


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  1. Hello , We are a small Lawn Bowls club based in Broadstairs, England, and we are looking for a very low cost ‘brackets’ style competition sheet which is capable of getting hoisted onto our very basic website http://broadstairs.bowlsclub.net

    In essence what we need is not overly complicated insofar as we have various comps within the Tournament, i.e. singles doubles, Triples and Quads and all on a straight knockout basis, so wonder if you have something that could, for example randomise a group of 13 entrants (singles doubles, Triples and Quads- it wont matter) into the necessary grid applying first round BYE’s as required = is this something that you have in your armoury??
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind Regards , Mick Norris

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