NFL Super Bowl Squares Sheet

An alternative to the Traditional Super Bowl Squares sheet

I calculated the frequencies of numbers hitting in a squares game for all 1,088 quarters of the 2021-22 NFL regular season*

The traditional squares method of taking the last digit of each teams score at the end of a quarter resulted in the following:

The alternative digital root method of summing the digits at the end of a quarter resulted in:

Combining the two lowest hitting numbers in the digital root squares resulted in:

Square equalization can be furthered by weighting the payout in favor of the later quarterst:

In the above chart relative to the 1rst quarter the 4th quarter numbers value was increased by a multiple of 3 and the 2nd and 3rd’s by a multiple of 2 by paying $100 to the 1rst quarter winner, $200 each to the 2nd & 3rd quarter winners and $300 to the 4th quarter in an $800 pot.

The digital root method joining 2&9 to me is more enjoyable than the traditional as:

  • the more equal chance of winning keeps up interest
  • pre-filling the x & y axis prior to selling squares is doable and helps sales
  • there are less squares to sale

For more on the digital root methodology click Mathew Lane. Please note the reference analyzed fourth quarter scores only*.

* In overtime games the final score was used for the 4th quarter score.

t from a monetary payout standpoint.

Click here for more charts on the data

Regarding the Download

The NFL Super Bowl squares sheets included in this download has a traditional squares sheet with the numbers entered on the axis, a traditional sheet without the numbers and a digital root square sheet.


For a traditional squares game assign each team to an axis. Sell the squares or the blocks of squares to the participants. Once sold then randomly assign the numbers 0 through 9 to the x and y-axes. After each quarter of the super bowl take the last digit of each teams score and find the intersecting square on the sheet. The owner of that square wins the money set aside for that quarter.

For the Digital Root Squares game add the numbers that make up a teams score together then find the intersecting square for the winner. If the sum of a team’s score is two digits add those digits to get a single digit.

Background numbers

The background numbers in the squares are to help participants communicate to you the squares they want to purchase. I have also included the sheets without the background numbers.

For my squares game I uploaded the squares sheet to Google Sheets then published it to the web and messaged the link to the prospective participants. I enter the sold squares in Google Sheets and it updates them almost immediately.

Video Explanation for the Single digit Sum Root SB Squares Sheet



This video explains how you win money playing SuperBowl Squares



Click here for the Squares Sheet Download

Click here for a 24×25 inch printable sum root squares sheet

24x25 inch printable Super Bowl Squares sheet
24×25 inch printable Sum Root Super Bowl Squares sheet

Upload the above image file to Office Depot or to the Wal Mart Print Center and have it laminated to have a reusable Super Bowl Squares Sheet using erasable markers.



sum square superbowl sheet vs traditional


sum square superbowl sheet vs traditional


sum square superbowl sheet vs traditional

Miscellaneous charts generated from the above described data

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