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What Is the World Cup?

Posted 2014

It’s “The Final” soccer competition between surviving nation teams from a tournament contested across the world.

Who makes up the competing teams?
A nation’s team is selected from that nations best soccer league players across the world.

Who should you pull for?
Your home country, the favorites (Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain), the underdogs (Honduras, Costa Rica, Algeria, Iran), Teams with the best players (Argentina-Lionel Messi, Brazil-Neymar, Portugal-Cristiano Rinaldo, Uruguay-Luis Suarez), Teams with the best story: Bosnia-Herzegovina (first tournament for this country that suffered through the ravages of the Bosnia-Serbia-Croatia War in the 1990’s) Iran (their players have been told not to trade their jerseys with the opposing teams at the end of a game (a soccer tradition) so as to save money).

How did the teams get here?
Finishing top or near the top of regional competitions held over the preceding 3 years, the regions are North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania (New Zealand area).

When is the tournament?
It spans about 30 days starting Thursday June 12, 2014.

Where is "The Final” held?
In stadiums throughout the country of Brazil.

What does the winning team get?
35 million dollars for their countries soccer organization.

How does it work?
The Final consists of the top 32 nation teams from the 3 year regional competitions. The teams are placed in eight groups of 4. Within a group every team plays each other once and the top two teams from each group advance to a 16 team single elimination tournament with the winner crowned world champions.

What teams are in The Final?

Group 1            Group 2                        Group 3              Group 4
Brazil                Spain                           Columbia             Uruguay
Croatia              Netherlands                  Greece               Costa Rica
Mexico               Chile                            Ivory Coast         England
Cameroon          Australia                      Japan                  Italy

Group 5            Group 6                         Group 7              Group 8
Switzerland       Argentina                       Germany            Belgium
Ecuador            Bosnia-Herzegovina        Portugal              Algeria
France              Iran                              Ghana                 Russia
Honduras          Nigeria                          USA                    South Korea

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